The Next Generation of got 2b safe
Parent Tips

Here you’ll find helpful information about abduction, common tricks, and empowering messaging to share with your kids. Download the tip sheets and a going out checklist to role-play and practice safety. Use the fun, printable activities for kids to reinforce the 4 Rules of Personal Safety.

Learn about the Issues
Child Abduction

Most child abductions involve a relative or someone who the child knows. Teaching children to avoid strangers is not enough. We must also teach them to recognize and respond to potentially dangerous situations.

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Rethinking "Stranger Danger"

“Stranger danger.” It’s short. It’s simple. It even rhymes! But is it really the most effective abduction prevention lesson for our children? Find out what safety messages you should be teaching instead.

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The Common Tricks

The offer trick, the animal trick, the emergency trick – these are all tactics individuals may use to abduct children. Learn about these tricks and how to help children recognize them.

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