The Next Generation of got 2b safe
Teaching Tools
Whether you’re an elementary educator, law enforcement officer, school counselor, before- and after-school caregiver, scout leader, or youth program coordinator, KidSmartz has the tools you need to teach children about personal safety.

Expansion Content

Take personal safety to the next level! Use these two new lesson plans about Uncomfortable Touch and Surprises vs. Secrets to teach children about body safety and help prevent child sexual abuse.

Education Kit

Teach children about personal safety with these project-based lessons for grades K-2 and 3-5. They’ll learn how to be safer through art activities, journal writing, and animated videos. Download K-2 Kit Download 3-5 Kit


Use this assembly-style presentation to help children in grades K-5 learn about and practice the four rules of personal safety. You’ll engage kids through discussion, quizzes, music, and animated videos. Download Presentation


KidSmartz and n2y have teamed up to adapt the KidSmartz Safety Rules & Safety Dance lyrics into visual symbol sets, ideal for use with special needs students and English language learners. Download the SymbolStix Rules and SymbolStix Safety Dance Lyrics